El Portico

February 22, 2012

Dear friends, blessings!

Over the past couple weeks we have started implementing a growth strategy
for the Church, which we call Portico's cafe.  The members of the church meet in small groups with others in their community or work place to pray for each other's needs, and to also have a discussion about God's Word! We have a group that meets and uses English, 
and one that uses Spanish! It is beautiful to see how God is working in this!
We are not just focused on the number of people, but on the
spiritual growth of the members! 

Please pray that God will continue to send people in need of His love!

Recently, we have filed the necessary paperwork with the government to become an official non-profit church, called El
Portico Evangelical Free Church! Praise God for this!

The church has been growing, and we are planning to paint and repair the main auditorium where we
have services.  

Please pray as we hope to begin a youth group which will minister to the youth in the city!

Many blessings to all and a warm embrace from El Portico Church!

In Christ Jesus, Carlos Belza

December 13, 2011

Dear brothers and friends in Christ,


Hoping you and your families are well.

Thanks to God, we were able to have the official opening of El Portico on November 6, with a little over 100 in attendance. Among them were friends, brothers of CFEC, and the representatives of other Ministries. We had a very enjoyable time. It was a celebration in Christ! Thank you to all who were able to be with us! It was a joy to be able to share this moment, the opening of our new church in Reading, with you.

As of today we have approximately 20 to 25 adults and approximately 10 to 12 children attending our Sunday services! They are a blessing to us! And we are going for more! Having in mind the development and growth of the Church, we are working along with our collaborators to create a strategy and program for next year. I entrust you to pray for every project that needs to be accomplished, and for all the work that needs to be done in the building.

In these past days, God allowed us to have a bible study at Marlene's house, a young member of the Church. It had been 8 years since her parents followed the Lord.  God put it in my heart to exhort them to look for Him with all their heart, and to declare, yet again, that He was Lord of their lives and of their home. God's presence was evident in this house, their faces full of tears, looking for repentance! It was something beautiful! A big victory in Christ! After so much time of not attending church, they were present at the service this Sunday! It was a huge joy for me to see them in God's house! I request your prayers for this beautiful family and their children, who must still come to the Savior! The Glory is to God our Savior!

We would also like to thank our English professors and their assistants, who have faithfully given classes every Monday and Wednesday. They are a huge blessing! Thanks to your love, over 30 people receive classes at different levels. Please pray that God renews their strength and that continues to bless their families. Teachers, we thank you! You have managed to create an atmosphere of friendship, confidence, and perseverance for every one of your students! May God fill you with blessings.

We pray for all the Saints!

Carlos & Claudia Belza

We are excited to see El Portico starting up!  Below are some pictures from the Fall Evangelistic Campaign.

Join us on Sunday, November 6th at 10:30 for El Portico's Inaugural Service!

El Portico Campaign - Fall 2011


I tell you that on Saturday we were excellent! and thanks to the collaboration of a sibling group of CEFC and The Portico had a large contact with the people of Reading! We were giving everything we had! Hope also collaborated by donating a few things. we focus on the Latino market, laundry and parking of Hope, God's waiting on a response to this work! handed out about 500 flyers for the campaign and all we had for English classes!, also the community members took to their homes, clothing, furniture, appliances, some non-perishable food, and even some New Testaments Bibles was a great blessing! And I would like members of the church CEFC, to know about this! to keep them informed of work in The Portico.

 In Christ Jesus, Carlos


 Dear friends in Christ, Blessings!

We had a full month and so there are several news items I have to tell you.  First I thank the Church and its Pastors for CEFC love taking this new plantation in Reading, and who worked with me at all aspects to start a new church! I think they're an example for those churches that have not yet been involved in church planting to the Hispanic community! This tremendous group of people embraced the vision and were working very hard in the building with lots of love shared with us by Hope Rescue Mission. About 80 people formed working groups and for two Saturdays were painting, removing rubbish, cleaning toilets, repairing electrical problems, etc.. among them were the Senior Pastor of the Church CEFC Bob Kensinger and his wife! An example to me of humility and passion for the lost! That most precious group of people and all the staff and members! I also greatly thank Pastor Mike Measley that has been involved in every need that has been presented to the Church of El Portico as well in my family! I think there are so many details that would be a very long list to write, but I'm sure God has a reward for him and his family! God bless! Also, the Pastors Jon Didden, Matt Saxinger and also a great collaborator Tom Livinghouse, which support this task in different ways as they work as a team! Hispanic group I mention Jose Moran, who tirelessly is my main partner in El Portico. Jose has been here every day working hard and is a great blessing! Pray for the unemployed as this for several months! Osvaldo also Rosaval if their work has enabled it was working, and this month joined Beny and Luis both CMTS ministry workers, two are Hispanic and are already supporting the Portico, pray for them that God would supply their needs and both live by faith! dedicated to Christian service!
And the latest news and consider the best! because all they do is a function of this purpose!

Days ago we visited our house Vielka Garcia, who came up with the need to know how to begin a personal relationship with God, after how they could achieve that relationship, Vielka received Christ as Lord and Savior! and it is sharing with others of their faith! Praise God for her and her family! please have this in your prayers! have a spouse and two kids!
Keep praying for the Portico, that God will continue to provide all things and also for plans that lie ahead, I ask you a very special prayers by Pastor Jon Didden, since he suffered a motorcyclist accident, thank God his life isn't in danger, but must continue his recovery. and his family that God give you strength at this time!

In Christ Jesus, Carlos Belza