CEFC Connect: Membership Class
 Matt Saxinger, matt@christefc.net
Location: Loft
Time: June 16th 9am-1pm
At CEFC we want to connect with you so that our community is authentic and exciting. Membership is a great way for 
you to officially join our family and ensure that you are grounded in the things that matter most. We’ll cover the following topics:
~The good news of Christ’s salvation
~An understanding of why we follow Christ
~Expectations of Christ-followers and the leaders of the church
~The vision & core values
~What it means to be a contemporary church
~Doctrinal beliefs
~Explanation of what it means to be an Evangelical Free church
~The next step of involvement at CEFC.
This class serves as a chance for us to get to know you and is also a prerequisite to membership.
7 + 1 = The Signs of John
Bryan Walmer, bryan@christefc.net

Location: Loft
Time: Sunday 9am 
The Gospel of John is structured around seven signs and the resurrection which are very important concerning what John wants to tell us about our Savior. Each of these signs reveal something important about our Savior and His ministry on this planet, but they were not written for us just as knowledge to be gained concerning this man Jesus. Each of these signs speak to situations in our everyday lives by providing guidance, encouragement and hope. Expect lots of discussion, practical knowledge, wisdom and Spiritual growth as we learn from the greatest teacher of all, Jesus Christ. 

Contagious Christian

Scott Yatchyshyn

Location: Mod 301
Time: Sunday 10:30am
Have you ever wanted to reach out to an unbeliever but didn't know how to do it without pushing them away?  Have you ever wanted to start a conversation about your faith but lacked the confidence?  Contagious Christian will teach you how to plant seeds using your own story and personality.  This course will breakdown an easily employed method of doing what Christ has commanded us to do.  This course consists of 6 sessions that will give you the opportunity to approach non-believers with purpose and confidence using your own story and scripture.  Join us in this fun and purposeful class that will bring others to the Lord and give you the wonderful feeling of being a person who can make an eternal impact in someone’s life. 

The Changing Power of Salvation
Mark & Jamie Farran

Location: Loft
Time: Wednesday, 7:00pm, starting June 6th
So what exactly is Salvation?  Is it merely being saved from eternity in hell?  Many Christians were taught a gospel message that never gets past the surface.  “You are now saved from hell and now you have to do good works and avoid evil: love your neighbor, be kind, don’t hate and don’t lust,” becomes the extent of their faith.   Eternal destiny is not the whole story, and God did not just give you the command to be holy and leave you here to struggle.  Salvation brings with it a constant relationship with your Creator, acceptance, peace, freedom from sin, and the changing power of Christ’s life within you.

Changing Hearts, Changing Lives
Keith & Kathy Parmer, keith.parmer@christefc.net

Location: FLC
Time: Wednesday, 6:30pm, starting June 6th
Do you sometimes feel like a thorn bush instead of the beautiful fruit tree God intends you to be? Are there areas in your life where you want to see change, but the change never seems to last? Does change seem distant or even hopeless? You are not alone. We all have areas of our lives where we need to see change. Join us as we learn how REAL change can truly take place in our lives through an understanding of God’s grace.

Those who are already involved in leadership positions at CEFC are strongly encouraged to attend (elders & wives, pastors & wives, teachers, ministry heads, small group leaders).

We firmly believe that we have receive everything we need for life and godliness through Jesus Christ our Lord.  We have received the Word of God, the precious truths and promises we need for life, and the Holy Spirit who will guide us into those truths, and enable us to live godly lives.  

We also believe that all believers need to continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord.  We need to grow for our own sake, and so that we can better minister to others. 

Our Equipping Classes are designed to help us grow in knowing and applying the scriptures to our lives so that we can continue to mature, and serve others as Christ would have us serve.

Come, continue to learn and grow with us!