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Go Groups

GO Groups are events that create opportunities to get together with other people here at CEFC and "do life together".  Relationships are an important part of our growth as believers and are also great ways to help those that are far from God take their next step closer to him.  In all of our GO Groups, we are creating opportunities to build relationships and take the next step in our walk together, AND we are creating opportunities to reach out to people.  GO Groups are made up of three different types:

Grow Out Groups represent the traditional small group program of our church.  These are organized around three semesters; fall, spring and summer.  You can sign up for one of these groups during the promotional month prior to the start of each semester.  Groups will be based on various "common" themes, such as a Bible or book study, hobbies, geography, etc.  There should always be something for everyone!  The goal of these groups is to get a little deeper into relationships with people and to have an opportunity to share the highs and lows of everyday life with people who can relate and are there to help.

Give Out Groups are opportunities to get together to serve.  These events will not only serve the needs within our church but out in the community we live in as well. Examples can include yard work, painting, serving at a soup kitchen, or even doing local mission work.  Serving people in  our community will also be possible by relationships we build with local school districts, fire departements and civic leaders.  

Upcoming Give Out Groups:

Get Out Groups are simple opportunities to get together to have some fun.  Past events have included movie nights, bike rides and motorcycle runs and are just a few examples of the many things we plan to do together.  And we are always looking for new ideas, so let us know if you have an event you think we should put together.  The goal is to create an opportunity for people here to get together to have a good time and get to know each other, but also to create a non-threatening event that you can invite people outside our walls to come to.  

Upcoming Get Out Groups: