Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute Learning Center - Strausstown, PA

A ministry partnership between Christ Evangelical Free Church, Strausstown, PA
Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute, Fort Worth, TX



What is this?

To fulfill our mission to Win, Build, Equip and Send, we believe we must teach the Word of God.  The Word of God has all that we need for life and godliness, and apart from studying it, we cannot grow in our relationship with the Lord.  So we are offering classes that will lead us systematically through the Word of God. 

These classes will be during our normal Sunday school hours, and also on Wednesday evenings during the Jr. High and AWANA programs.  We want to offer the classes during these times, so that we can make them available to as many people as possible while there are programs for the rest of the family provided. 

Pastor Matt will be teaching Bible classes with the following goals:

1) making it understandable
2) making it practical.

These classes are open to everyone as a normal Sunday Morning Equipping Class, or Wednesday night Bible Study.  For most of us, this will simply be solid teaching and training in the Word of God.  We highly encourage you to attend the classes so that you will be equipped for every good work, and prepared for life and godliness. 

Those who desire to do so, can earn credit toward completion of certificate and degree programs through Tyndale Theological Seminary (Fort Worth, TX).  We have a number of individuals in our church who desire to someday serve the Lord in missions or another ministry.  By taking our normal Sunday school or Wednesday evening Bible classes, they will be able to earn credit toward a certificate or degree necessary to enter that ministry!  This allows them to study and apply the Word of God to their lives here, rather than moving away.  They can continue at their current employment, and continue in their current ministry roles at the church while earning a Bible college education through Tyndale Theological Seminary.  This has tremendous benefits for those individuals, and for our body of believers!  Others find benefit in taking the classes for credit because it gives them more discipline and accountability in studying and growing in the knowledge of the Lord.

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What can you earn through Tyndale Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth, TX)?

Certificate of Continuing Education
Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Masters Degree

There are a number of programs of study offered.  
*See the Tyndale Catalog for details and a complete listing of programs of study.

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When are classes be offered?

· Sunday Mornings—9:30 - 11:00 AM

· Wednesday Evenings— 6:30 - 8:30 PM

*Nursery, youth and children's programs are available during both of these times.

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Where are classes held?

Christ Evangelical Free Church, the site of:

Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute Learning Center, 
Strausstown, PA

How much work is involved?

The amount of work involved depends on the course, and the study program.  Students should expect to spend a minimum of 2 to 6 hours per week, outside of class, to complete the required reading and writing assignments.

Students pursuing a certificate are required to complete one assignment per course; generally 10-15 typed, double-spaced pages.

Undergraduates should expect to complete 2 to 4 assignments per course; writing about 15-25 pages, or more, to complete their assignments.

Graduate students should expect to write about 20-30 pages, or more, for their course assignments.

Some courses have required exams.  However, most rely on research papers as learning and evaluation tools.

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What are the costs?

The costs depend on the course of study.  See the Tyndale Catalog for fees and costs.  For those who take courses at our learning center, there are discounts.  There are also discounts for home-schoolers, home-schooling parents, and spouses of students.

Email TyndalePastor Matt, or Pastor Mike for more information.

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When can I begin?

New students may apply at any time.  We will continue to offer the required courses as needed for student to complete their programs.

Email TyndalePastor Matt, or Pastor Mike for more information.

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Where do I find more information?


   Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute Learning Center, Strausstown, PA

   8477 Route 183

   Bethel, PA 19507

Phone: (610) 488-1243


   Pastor Matt - Dean
   Pastor Mike - Registrar


Or, contact Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute directly:

    P.O. Box 24695
    Fort Worth, TX 76124

Main Campus Location:
    701 W. Pipeline Rd
    Hurst, TX 76053

Phone:  (800) 886-1415  or  (817) 282-6565
    Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm (Central Time)
    Friday: 9am - Noon
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Fax:   (817) 514-9317

e-mail:   info@tyndale.edu

web: www.tyndale.edu

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